FM12 Respirator (CBRN) (NBC)


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FM12 Respirator (CBRN) (NBC), Available Grade1 condition (respirator comes with a filter but filter patterns may vary)

Developed for NATO operations and the most widely adopted respirators globally, the FM12 has a unique blend of features makes it the ideal solution for a full range of military operations.

Its low profile is ideally suited to tactical situations, if the sighting of weapons or integration of equipment is required. The CBRN FM12 is made to provide a high level of comfort combined with very low breathing resistance.

  • Side mounted filter
  • Left or right mounting for tactical specialists
  • 40mm standard NATO thread
  • High flow fail safe drinking device
  • Connection to hydration systems
  • Speech Horn for clear direct communication
  • Secondary Speech Transmitter (SST) to connect communications equipment



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