Hand Embroidered Badges, Made To Order


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We can have your badges made for you, weather it is a Unit that no longer exists, an Association or Club badge, or a unique crest of your own design. We can have your badges made in gold and silver wire and/or cotton threads, provide us with a colour template with sizes and we can manufacture your badge to the highest standards. Shown in the photo is a beret badge commissioned on behalf of the Fleet Air Arm Armourers Association. Small badges, headress badges, blazer badges or larger works can all be produced, please contact us for further details, or to place an order. Discounts are available for orders of ten badges or more, and further discounts are available for larger orders. A standard badge of blazer badge size in gold and silver wire is £15.00 regardless whether we have it in stock or we have it made to order. Badges of other sizes are priced upon request, depending on size and detail requirements.




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