UONNER Suspension Trainer


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  • Suspension strap training system – Allows for a full body workout. From rows, to squats, to mountain climbers, to curls, this has it all. One of the most versatile training tools on the market – Quick to set up, easy to use. Use your bodyweight to control your movements during exercise for a challenging workout. Secure using the included ‘door jam’ anchor or ‘outdoor anchor’ strap and your ready to press, row, and curl away.
  • Suspension system training kit is made of super durable polyester, solid suture, and sturdy carabiner, each suspension strap is safety-tested to support up to 500 pounds, so it performs suspension fitness with far greater stability and depth.
  • Suspension system allows you to use your door frame as an anchor point for rowing, pressing, ab work, etc… Simply put the door jams over the top a door that opens away from you and close ! Adjust the straps to suit your height and your ready to roll.
  • Take your suspension strap with you – Loop the anchors over a tree branch, pole, beam etc… and enjoy the freedom of training where you want to. Adjust the width of the straps to suit the movement



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