Victoria Cross Group


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It has been our pleasure to supply and court mount a miniature V.C. group for the family of Michael Heaviside. The photo shows Michael Heaviside V.C. and the miniature group supplied and mounted by ourselves. The original group is displayed in the Durham Light Infantry Museum in Durham City. Michael Heaviside first served in the Boer War with the Royal Army Medical Corps and later served with the Durham Light Infantry during the First World War. On the 6th of May 1917 Michael Heaviside ran out into No-Man’s Land and crawled from shell hole to shell hole under heavy fire from the German positions. He did so in order to reach an injured soldier who was dying of thirst and badly injured. The injured man had been lying in a shell hole for four days without food or water. Private Heaviside dressed the soldier’s wounds and gave him water. He promised the injured man he would return with help before heading back to the British positions. That night Michael Heaviside led two other stretcher bearer’s across No-Mans Land, they reached the wounded soldier and carried him back. He had saved the soldiers life, for conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty Michael Wilson Heaviside was awarded the Victoria Cross. It was a great honour to have supplied and mounted this prestigious group. We would like to thank the family of Michael Heaviside for allowing us to publicize their family medal group. We have great experience in mounting medals, we have mounted several original groups which are displayed in various military museums across the country. We were officially comissioned by The Normandy Veterans Pilgrimage Club (charity 1086056) to mount medals on their behalf, which again has been a great pleasure.




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