First World War Trio And Mercantile Marine Medal awarded to 41 T.S. (Trawler Section) Henry Dorkin, TR. Royal Navy Reserve. Born in Brentford, 22/6/1887. Date of enrolment 13/6/1911. Dorkin served prior to WW1 onboard Rio Colorado in Rio De Janeiro, Twilight in North America, Alexandra, Stirling and  Orizamba. In 1914 he was onboard Borees (a scooner I believe) and later on Stephen Furness where he was discharged medically unfit for service due to epilepsy, 19/01/1915. Henry Dorkin was awarded disability gratuity and a silver war badge ( No. 13978). He was also awarded a Naval armlet (No. 0401 in Grimsby)




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