First World War Trio awarded to SS115816 Stoker 1st. Class Edward Stephenson, Royal Navy. Born in 1896, Newcastle Upon Tyne. A blacksmiths striker by trade he joined the Royal Navy on the 17th. June 1914. Stephenson served on board HMS Spanker (a Sharpshooter class torpedo gun boat, converted to a minesweeper in 1909 and sold in 1920 for breaking). He also served on HMS Lord Lansdowne ( a hired trawler serving as the parent ship at Oban for armed yachts off the coast of Scotland. Armed with a 12 pounder and a 7.5mm bomb thrower). Edward Stephenson was invalided out of service due to pulmonary bronchitis and later died as a result of his war service. He died 15/1/1921, aged 25 and is buried in a commonwealth war grave at St. Johns Westgate and Elswick cemetery, Newcastle Upon Tyne.




8-9 Dans Castle, Tow Law, County Durham, DL13 4AY