Liverpool Scottish Staybrite Badge


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Liverpool Scottish Badge in anodised aluminium. This version of the badge was in use from 1937 in nickle and from the mid 1960’s in staybrite. The badge was used by the 10th. battalion King’s Regiment and became part of the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. It was reduced to V company (Liverpool Scottish) in 1971 and in 1999 they we re-badged with the old pre 1937 pattern when they became the Liverpool Scottish platoon, A company (King’s), part of the King’s and Cheshire Regiment (TA). This anodised version of this badge was not popular with the battalion and I am not sure whether it was actually worn. Quite a scarce badge in anodised aluminium.




8-9 Dans Castle, Tow Law, County Durham, DL13 4AY