British Military Camouflage Net (Temperate)


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British Military Camouflage Nets, Temperate colours (Green and Brown). Very strong nylon based cord netting with a patchwork of lightweight leaf garnish. Used by British Forces, infra red reduction treated and weather resistant. SIZES AVAILABLE (APPROX.) (Grade 1) – 10’x10′ (3×3 mtr.), 10’x20′ (3×6 mtr.), 20’x20′ (6×6 mtr.), 20’x30′ (6×9 mtr.), 30’x30′ (9×9 mtr.)
These are the more requested sizes allthough we can cut smaller sizes. Larger sizes than those listed are also available, please contact for further details. All nets are hand checked by us and are guaranteed to be in excellent condition. Delivery charges are high on these items due to their bulk and weight, the larger the net the higher the cosT.




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