British Military Issue Modular Sleeping System


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British Military Issue 3 part Modular Sleeping System (5 part with compression sacks which are included). This modular system consists of the Medium weight bag with compression sack, Lightweight bag with compression sack and sleeping bag liner. Combination bag covers all seasons. When the medium weight bag is paired with the lightweight bag and liner the lower limit is increased to -32.5 degrees C. Lower limit rate, -10 degrees C when medium bag is used alone and  + 9.7 degrees C when the lightweight bag is used alone. The bags zips include a repair slider, machine washable, they are also waterproof and windproof. Available New, comes with compression sacks. Made from microfiber polyamide 6.6 and high tenacity ripstop fabrics.

This item does include UV protection and  infrared protection.

Medium weight bags, Light weight bags and liners are also available for purchase as separate items.




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