Ribbon Brooch, Full Size


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Ribbon brooches are professionally hand made to order. A ribbon brooch consists of a straight metal pin brooch with the relevant ribbon or ribbons mounted directly onto it, as shown in the photo. We offer two types of metal brooch bar, the regular brooch pin and hook fixing and the tie tack fixing (spike with spring butterfly type fittings). Prices for full size ribbon brooches, including ribbon are from £5.00 per space. The depth, spacing and arrangement of your ribbons will depend upon which Arm of Service you are serving with or formerly served with and your rank. Please list your Arm of Service, rank and the order in which you received any campaign medals when ordering. We do not only make up military sets, we stock civil and emergency services, also some foreign ribbon and miniature medals. If it is not listed it does not mean we don’t stock it, please email or ring for further details.




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