Court Style Medal Mounting, Full Size


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We offer a professional court medal mounting service. Court style mounting is a method which secures each individual medal from a brooch suspender to a backing plate which lies behind the medal, the backing plate and brooch is covered by the medal ribbon. This method restricts any movement of the medals so there is less wear and less damage to the medals while wearing them. Our court mounted medals are finished with soft felt on the reverse of the backing plate , we professionally hand stitch all our medals. Depending upon the Arm of Service you are serving with or formerly served with will dictate the length of ribbon and the overlap (if necessary) of your mounted medals. When ordering please list your Arm of Service and list the order of any campaign medals in the order in which you received them. The photo shows a court mounted trio both front and back. Prices for court style mounting can be found in the drop down panel.




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