Court Style Medal Mounting Miniature


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Miniature Mounting, court style is as described in the full size section but using miniature medals and brooches. The amount of medals suspended side by side can be increased, before any overlaping, due to the brooch sizes and medal size. We can supply your miniature medals and any miniature ribbons also. A miniature trio mounted court style can be seen in the photo, miniature court mounting, including brooch, is priced as follows. X1 MEDAL – £10.00
X2 MEDALS -£14.00
X3 MEDALS -£18.00
X4 MEDALS -£22.00
X5 MEDALS -£26.00
X6 MEDALS -£30.00
X7 MEDALS -£34.00
X8 MEDALS -£38.00
X9 MEDALS -£42.00
X10 MEDALS -£46.00 ( Add £6.00 for every medal thereafter )




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