Swing Style Medal Mounting, Miniature


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Swing style medal mounting is the same for miniatures as it is for full size medals, a greater number of medals can be mounted side by side before overlapping, due to the brooche type and medal size. A WW2 group of swing mounted miniatures can be seen in the photo. The price for miniature mounting, swing style and including brooch is as follows :- X1 MEDAL – £7.00, X2 MEDALS – £10.00, X3 MEDALS – £13.00, X4 MEDALS – £16.00, X5 MEDALS – £19.00, X6 MEDALS – £22.00, X7 MEDALS – £25.00, X8 MEDALS – £28.00, X9 MEDALS – £31.00, X10 MEDALS – £34.00, (please add £4.00 per medal thereafter). Miniature medals, emblems, bars and ribbons can also be supplied.




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